Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is a user-friendly software that is perfect for creating presentations or proposals. Like its successors, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 features many upgrades and features that make it easier for the user to create captivating presentations.


The landing page of PowerPoint free download has been massively redesigned to create a sleek, modern interface on which to start creating a presentation. On the landing page, the user will find quick access to simple templates, making it quicker to start creating a presentation. The templates are arranged according to category. In addition to the quick access to templates, the user can now change the color scheme of the templates. This means that a user can take a template and make the scheme lighter or darker according to preference giving them more options for backgrounds.

One fantastic addition available for free to download to PowerPoint 2013 is an enhanced presenter view. It displays the active slide on the left and the next slide on the top right with notes for the current slide shown on the bottom right. Each of these panes can be resized according to preference. The presenter view is also activated on default when the slideshow is started. In previous versions, this feature was a little harder to access. In addition to those features, the computer screen of the user will become dimmer, making it a little less awkward for the presenter to be stuck behind a glowing screen in a dark room.

powerpoint-2013-logoThe presenter can now jump to any slide or section on the presentation with just a few clicks by using the Slide Sorter button. When this happens, the user view changes but the audience is shown a seamless transition from slide to slide. In addition to those above features, the presenter can also zoom in on an area of any slide. This makes it a lot easier for the audience to see any fine details that might be included on a slide but is not easily viewable.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 free download comes with the ability to connect to a SkyDrive account, which makes it incredibly easy for a user to log into a cloud storage account and access any file. This eliminates the need to carry around a presentation on a separate storage device, such as a USB drive. In addition, the user can invite others to collaborate in a presentation by logging into SkyDrive. While collaborating on a project, there is the option to add threaded comments to the presentation to make communication between multiple people easier.

Like other versions before, PowerPoint 2013 has enhanced the ability to add images. Now, the user currently has guides that help format the image in a slide. It’s easy to import data from an Excel file to add a chart without opening Excel. There is also the convenience of adding a photo from Flickr or Facebook without needing to save it to a computer first. This version is also optimized to use on touch screen devices, such as mobiles and tablets.

While PowerPoint 2013 might not be a huge upgrade from previous versions, these changes make creating an amazing presentation easier than ever.