Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is an amazing tool to use for presentations and proposals. The layout and design of this software is designed very differently than previous versions. One main visual difference between Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 free download and other versions is its easily accessible menu called the Ribbon. This redesigned menu puts its most powerful features upfront and center, making it easier and quicker for the user to find each commonly used feature. If the Ribbon is too large or in the way, it can be minimized to make more space on the screen.

microsoft-powerpoint-2007The tabs aligning the top of the Ribbon contain buttons that are organized in groups, such as Home, Insert, Design, and Animations. Instead of Icons, the commands are now termed Buttons on the toolbar. In previous versions, they were referred to as Icons. The main Microsoft Button displays common menu commands such as New, Open, Save, and Print. Within the Ribbon tool bar, there is a Quick Access Tool Bar that is entirely customizable. On this bar are the commands Save, Undo, and Repeat for easy access. The tabs aligning the top of the Ribbon are designed to be aligned by task.

On the left-hand side of the screen, there is the side tab on which thumbnails of slides that have been created are viewable. This makes scrolling through the presentation fast and easy. Also, within this area, slides can be rearranged, added, or deleted with a few clicks.

Below are some simple steps to get started with PowerPoint 2007

To create a presentation, click the Microsoft Office Button (download the full version for free here). Then click New and double-click Blank Presentation. To change the layout of a slide, select the individual slide in the Outline and Slides pane. Then click the Home tab and select layout. Simply choose the layout of your choice for that slide.

The placeholders are the highlighted boxes on each slide. They will vary depending on the layout of slide that has been selected. To add text inside a placeholder, simply click inside the placeholder and add or edit the text.

To add a picture to a slide, click the Insert tab then select Picture. Find the folder where the picture is stored, and double-click the picture that is being inserted. This image can be resized. PowerPoint comes with various clip art images that can be added to any slide. To add clip art, follow the same steps. After clicking Illustrations, easily select Clip Art. From there, simply search for key words and select the clip art that fits best for the slide.

Adding a chart to a slide creates a fantastic visual for presentations. To add a chart, select the slide where the chart will be added. Click Insert, then select the type of chart that will be added. In the Insert Chart box, select chart, then click OK. Simply input the data for the chart.

Although many features available in free download full version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 appear to be different and redesigned, many features are easily accessible. Powerful presentations can quickly be created with a few clicks.