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You might have seen wonderful presentations delivered by professionals during their project presentation and wondered how they manage to do it. It is very simple and anyone with a basic knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint can do excellent professional looking presentation. For this you need the Microsoft Office application which comes with a Word Processor, Spread sheet and PowerPoint package.

Among these the PowerPoint application is the most widely used for delivering presentation for seminar or concert. It is the most effective way to reach out to the audience. Your content will become more enhanced with the usage of slide shows and the audience will find the whole presentation more engaging. It gives the whole presentation an audio visual appeal which will be the most effective way to engage an audience.

You can get the application by searching for Microsoft PowerPoint free downloadf in the internet. There are many websites that give the link for downloading the application. You can use the trial version of the application for free for a few weeks. If you are satisfied with the features of the software, you can choose to upgrade the package later.

Where to Download Microsoft PowerPoint for Free

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You might be thinking what makes Microsoft PowerPoint such a popular application. This is because it is a powerful application that is loaded with tons of features to help you create slide shows for all occasions. It can be a simple task for your college project or an important presentation about your company to your clients. If you are looking to download Microsoft PowerPoint, then you might want to know about some of its features that makes it a perfect program to create presentations.

PowerPoint has features for all these uses and this is the reason that it is very popular among the users when it comes to creating audio visual content. You can engage the audience in a better way with the use of good content. This way you can communicate your idea in a better way and make your project successful. It is widely used across the world by millions of people ranging from students to businessman. While the students use it for their college projects, others use it to deliver lectures or give a presentation during a company meeting. It is also widely used by teachers to deliver the lectures in an interesting way. When you teach the students in an audio visual method by using slide shows, they will be able to grasp the content in a better way.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint for Academic Projects

When you want to submit a good quality academic project, it is very much important to take care of the content of your project. Usually projects will have more content and when you deliver everything in the form of text material or by way of a lecture; it will seem boring for the person listening to your lecture. This way, your project will not be able to make a good impact on the listener. When you do not make a good impact with your project, you stand a chance to miss out on good grades for your projects. To avoid this situation, you should always put in content which is engaging for the audience. You can easily do this when you include the content in the form of slide shows. You can combine the slide shows with your lecture to make it more engaging for the audience. Even within the slide shows, instead of just keeping text content, you can add pictures and videos to make it more attractive for the audience. When you deliver the academic projects in this fashion, not only will it be more attractive, but it will also have more weight in terms of content.

There by you stand a chance of getting good grades for your projects. You can do this with the free Microsoft PowerPoint download option available in the internet. It is simple to use this application and anyone with basic knowledge of PowerPoint can make high quality presentation with slide shows.

Giving an effective presentation for your projects is very important. You would have researched for many months for this project and if you fail to make the presentation effective, you might not get good grades for your project. It takes lot of time and effort to prepare any project and the final presentation you give about the project will determine the overall outcome of the project. Not many people will have the time and patience to go through your complete project word by word. They would rather expect a crisp presentation about the project which is simple and easy to understand.

At the same time it should also be effective. To do this, you should include lots of pictures and video in your presentation and prepare good slide shows that highlight the features of your project. You can easily do this with the Microsoft PowerPoint free download which is available in the internet. Remember that your presentation about the project is the synopsis of your project and it should contain the summary of your project which is highlighted in an effective way. If your presentation is boring and not effective, the audience will get an impression that your project is not having good content. This can happen even though you have good content in your project. So it is very important to give a good presentation about your project and this can be done with the help of PowerPoint application.

How to Make Your Presentation Stand Out with Microsoft PowerPoint

There are many ways in which you can make your presentation effective. You can choose to download Microsoft PowerPoint free at the official website of Microsoft. An effective presentation can make or break the project. This is true either you are applying for a job or giving out a company presentation to your clients. Your skills with PowerPoint will help you a lot in this aspect. Some of the simple ways in which you can make your presentation effective are given here.

Embedding Videos Will Enhance the Presentation

Adding informative videos to your presentation will have a huge impact on the audience. You can convey a lot with the use of effective videos related to your project. It is not difficult to embed videos into your project. With PowerPoint, it becomes very easy to add videos into your presentation. You can also edit the videos and use only the portions which you want in the presentation. This way, you can switch over to the videos at the right time and again get back to your lecture. The audience will find this interesting and you will be able to convey your message in an effective way. This is most useful when giving a live presentation about your project. You can also have a complete video presentation about your project and use it during business meeting.

Easy to Share Access with Your Collaborators

Most projects are done in teams and it is important that everyone has access to the project. This can be easily done with PowerPoint presentation and you can share access among your colleagues and team mates. This can be monitored real time and you will be able to see what changes others are making to the presentation. In the same way, even your team mates will be able to see what changes you are making to the presentation. You can even communicate about the changes in the sidebar and discuss issues about the project. This is a great benefit especially when you have team mates working from different location. Usually many businesses are spread out in multiple locations and when you are working on the same project, it becomes important that everyone has access to the project presentation. This is possible with PowerPoint in a simple way.

Easy to Share Presentation

There are times when you would want to share your presentation with others online. This can be for many reasons. In some cases, many people may have missed out on your presentation when you were doing it live. They can catch up on that if you have the same presentation posted online. If it is an important presentation about your company, you can even post it on the company website so that viewers can see that anytime they want. You also need not worry about formatting options when you are sharing your project online. PowerPoint will have the same formatting and no matter where your presentation is opened, it will look the same. If you are using social media platforms, you can broadcast your presentation to all your friends online. This feature has been widely used by companies which post company videos and presentation in social media platforms to reach out to a large audience.


It will also not take up much space and is easy to carry along with you. You can save it in a small memory device or even your cell phone while you are traveling. You can also show your presentation on your cell phone. It will work on most platforms and is simple to set up. You can also make edits to your presentation online and save the changes. All these features make PowerPoint one of the most widely used applications by companies across the world. To use all these features, you can go for the Microsoft PowerPoint download free option, which is available on the internet. PowerPoint is compatible to use in different computers and if you have created a presentation on your computer and want to make changes in a different computer, it will be simple and there will be no hassles with it.

Microsoft PowerPoint also has many versions and among them the 2007 and 2010 versions are very popular and widely used by millions of people across the world. Even though the PowerPoint 2010 version had many improved features when compared to the earlier version, many people still prefer Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 free download option. It is because the 2007 Microsoft office was immensely popular and many people have become so used to the features that they find it difficult to adapt to the new changes. However, if you have created a presentation with the earlier version, you can still use it with the latest version of PowerPoint. It is compatible with earlier versions and will not have any problem in opening those files. Even if you have to open your presentation in a different computer which has a different version of PowerPoint, it will not be a problem.

Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint Free Download Software

Even though Microsoft Office was one of the earliest applications to come up with PowerPoint application, there are many other software which have come up with similar features over time. With this, there is an alternative to PowerPoint application and users can choose the one best suited for their requirement. However, there are many issues associated with these open source applications. The biggest one is that it has many bugs which are not fixed and you will get stuck in between while you are doing your slide shows or presentation.

This may not be the case every time, but in case it happens; you may not find good support from the product. On the other hand, there are many advantages also associated with these open source applications. The biggest one is that it comes free or at lesser cost when compared to PowerPoint. You also have the flexibility to modify the application to suit your need. You can add your own features which gives developers an advantage over other applications. You can also customise the features as per your requirement. This is the most popular reason why many people prefer open source applications over Microsoft PowerPoint.

Common Mistakes Made When Creating Presentation with MS PowerPoint

Your presentation is the most important aspect about your project. It is simple to get Microsoft Office PowerPoint free download in the internet. But you should also learn a few things about PowerPoint before beginning to make slide shows for your project. You should take lot of care about the content you are going to include in the presentation as it can make or break your project. When you want to give an impressive presentation, you should avoid some common mistakes done by people while preparing slide shows. Even though adding pictures will enhance the look of the presentation, you should remember that you should only add images which are relevant to the theme of the project.

microsoft-powerpoint-interface-lookDo not be too much adventurous and include random images which interrupt the flow of the project rather than helping it. If you are not skilled in animation, it is better to keep your images simple and not try anything different. You should also choose images which are professional and not some random picture available on the internet. It is also important to give sufficient break in between your presentation. If your slide show continues nonstop for more than an hour, it will not be able to create the required impact and you will end up spoiling the project. You should time the slide show in such a pace that it matches your speech. You can also control the slide shows manually to avoid any mistakes in this issue.

Choose Your Own Version: PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013

If you need to use PowerPoint application, you can choose the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 free download on the internet which will help you to get the 2010 version of PowerPoint or the newest version 2013. This is a powerful tool which can help you make excellent professional slide shows for your presentation. On the other hand, you can also go for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 free download if you prefer the older version of PowerPoint.

There are many websites which offer the links to download Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 free. But you should be careful when you want to download the application. You should only do so from reliable sources and avoid those sites which do not give valid links. If you happen to download the application from sources which cannot be trusted, your system is prone to attacks from virus and malware. For this reason, it is always advisable to try the trial version of this application from the official website of Microsoft. Once you have understood the features and benefits of the application, you can then download the full version from any of the trusted websites.

You can also go through forums which offer help regarding downloading software applications. If you do have experience in installing the application, you can also get help regarding the issue in the forums. Generally these forums have experienced users who will be willing to help you with any issues regarding the application. Even after installing the application, if you find any difficulty in using the application, there will be help available in these forums. If you follow these simple guidelines, you can get Microsoft PowerPoint free download 2010 application for your computer. The first thing you should do after downloading the application and installing it is to go through the help topics. It has excellent tutorial on how to get started with PowerPoint. It will also be helpful in case you get stuck while using any tools. It has answers to the most frequently asked questions about the application.